Nutrition gone easy???

This program is amazing. How would you like to lose weight in 21 days? This program is simple. You workout for 30 minutes and eat what you can fit in the color coded containers. NO counting calories!!!!!! If it fits in the container you can eat it.

Get yours here teambohmann

Also contact me and you can get one-on-one help from me!


Time Management

How many of you guys have issues with time management?

I know that I did. I tried doing 20 things at a time because I thought I was good at multi-tasking. I didn’t get anything done when my son was done with his nap. I talked about tips I use to help me get things done.

Here is the video please enjoy, share and if you have any question please feel free to ask!

My Journey

Here is a video about my journey! I am taking on videos and going to take my company Simple Health Solutions to the next level! Let me know your thoughts!  Enjoy!

30 Day Clean Eating Challenge

Ok so here is my first real blog back! I am hosting a group that is about clean eating! We will be having 30 days of recipes and others can share some favorites and rate some they have tried. This is FREE and to help keep everyone on their new years resolution track!

Be a fan of us on Facebook and LIKE this photo to join!

Hope you join us!



I can’t believe that I have been gone this long! I miss sharing all my information  and things that have been happening in my life and business life!

Well I am back at it and look forward to sharing more information with all of you!


How many of you have heard about the amazing results with P90X?

I know that I have and I have seen the photos and heard the stories. I knew that P90X3 is perfect since I am low on time but I want great results! It is all in 30 minutes, so what will be your excuse now? I ordered mine and excited to see the results! I have posted some links so that you can get yours too!







How to Eat Healthy for Under $6 a Day

You probably have heard that it is so EXPENSIVE to eat healthy. Well here is an interesting article about how you can compare foods per calories and per serving.

One thing that you also need to take into consideration is the fact that when you eat healthy you tend to get sick less often and have few visits to the doctor. That will save a ton of money.

I know that they don’t list where they bought the item and I recommend looking for deals when it comes to shopping at Whole Foods! Another key thing to find deals on healthy foods is to buy what is in season.

Click Here for the article!Image

How do you like your eggs?

There are many ways to prepare eggs more than I can think of. I prefer egg whites so when I cracked it and forgot I dropped the whole egg in there I wanted to figure a way to get it out. I didn’t want to get my fingers dirty and I never could get it the yolk out with a fork.

I remember seeing on pintrest about using a water bottle. So I had one and thought let’s see what happens. Well success! It worked better than I thought.

Here are some photos to show you how it went.






30 Day Challenge

I am starting a 30 day health and fitness challenge thru my company Simple Health Solutions. It is going to be 30 day challenge on Facebook and we report in daily on what we did for our workout and what our calorie intake was. I will be giving advice and we all will be motivating each other.

If you are interested in please message me and I can sign you up! It starts Nov. 25th which is next Monday!

Let’s do this!


Special Offer

Simple Health Solutions is going to offer their recipe revamp at 50% off! (Regular Price $20.00)

Due to the fact that Thanksgiving is around the corner and SHS wants you to have some healthier choices at your Thanksgiving feast we are doing this.

Here is what you do pick one of your favorite recipes and send it to me either in a Facebook private message, or email ( and in 24 hours have an revamped recipe that is healthier for you. We take your recipe and change some things to make it healthier for you.

Send us your recipe now!


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