Teething tablets or not???

So I have seen this post like crazy and wanted to comment on the research that I have been doing on this.
First is about the mother and child. How much and how often was she giving the child the tablets? There are a ton of other factors to take into consideration. In my opinion vaccinations and diet of the child key to side effects.
Second is the ingredient that everyone is worried about. It is called belladonna and is found in the eastern hemisphere. It is a toxic plant. Different parts of the plant are more toxic than others. When making products that are homeopathic they can dilute the source down to certain levels depending on what they want from the product. Hylands states that they dilute the product down so much that a child would have to consume a dozen of bottles to have a reaction to it.
Last, is it is really how you want to treat your child. You can give them what you feel is right for them. I know I use these with caution since I like more natural things such as celery (organic of course)! Please do your research and not depend on what others tell you.


the post on Facebook everyone is talking about


what a bottle looks like (this is my bottle)

One response to “Teething tablets or not???

  1. Thanks for sharing, and I hadn’t seen the post before. You might be interested in the give away I’m holding as it is for teething too. Look forward to reading more posts.

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