Diaper genie

So how many of you have seen the diaper genie? It is a great idea and I love mine. The only thing is that the refills are about $7.00 each. You go thru them quickly and can add up just as quickly. Well I saw this post on Pinterest and had to try it.

I used at target trash bag with quick ties and it works great. It says to use force flex but I don’t see a point in force flex, but use what you would like. There is 100+ bags in the box for about $14.00!

So far it is working great. I am in my first one so if anything changes I will comment about it.

diaper genie







7 day HIIT challenge.

Not sure if you have all heard about bodyrock online but this girl is insane. She does a ton of workouts and has a great website.

I am doing her 7 day challenge and today was day one. WOW!!!! It was 5 rounds of a HIIT she has and man did it kill me. The fourth and fifth round I couldn’t do weights since my form was not on spot. I just did it quicker but not too fast that I lost my form.

Since I didn’t go to the gym I used a bench we had that was the size of her steps. Also I used dumbbell for my weight and only did 5 not 10 like her.

Here is the link to her challenge; I hope you sign up and do it. If you want me to post each video as I get them (and do them) just let me know.

7day challenge


Creamy Fish

I had fish to make one night and couldn’t think of anything. So what did I do, I looked on Pinterest. I found tons. Finally saw this and thought perfect.

I changed a few things. I used almond flour, soy cream, white wine vinegar not real wine, added more veggies, used feta cheese, and didn’t add bread crumbs. Okay I changed a lot of things but still tasted great.

It was so good my husband asked for it a second night in a row! I will keep this one and would love to make it for more people to enjoy.

I wonder how it would taste with chicken??? I will try and let all of you know.

the recipe






mine with more veggies



Tabata is gaining popularity

I did some tabata training today. My trainer teaches a class and decided he wanted to torture me with it. WOW!!! I can hardly walk and I can’t imagine what tomorrow will be like.

Tabata is simple. You do something all out for 20 seconds and 10 seconds rest. You do this for 8 rounds. You can mix it up and do things how you would want depending on what you want from your workout. For instance I have done running intervals like this and I have done combos. Combos for example could be- 20 seconds ball squats 10 second rest 20 seconds push ups 10 seconds rest 20 seconds jumping jacks and 10 seconds rest. That would be round one. You can add more or less to your combo. You can also change how many rounds you do this for. 4 rounds is the shortest I have seen it.

Here is a photo for some help. Good luck training and remember if it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you.



Saw this and thought of green machine. I am trying to cut out sugar and green machine had…. Well a lot! I knew it would not be sweet like green machine but maybe something a little better than what I got.

It tasted like celery. I love celery but to drink a whole glass of it- not my style. I would recommend this if you are looking to add more veggies or doing a detox. If you are looking to have this to sip in the morning- no.

energy drink





Ch Ch Ch Chia

When I heard about chia seeds being good for your health I thought it was a joke. It makes you think of the pet plant. How can that help me?

Well chia seeds have become the “it” thing now. People are adding it to everything. Chia seeds are healthy for you and have benefits for you. From weight loss to mood lifters to all the omegas chia seeds are gaining popularity.

I personally love them. When I make a smoothie I add them in. I have also added them to my salads. There are several different ways to have and enjoy chia seeds.

Here is a link for 5 ways from fitsugar. 5 ways for chia seeds


99 = killer workout

Saw this on Pinterest and thought I should give it a try. It took me about an hour to complete. What killed me was the leg lifts. Wow! You think it will never end when you are doing round 77 but before you know it you are at 22. Last is the 11 min. run and you think I did!