One room workout

Sorry that I haven’t posted more but I have been busy with everything and not much time to blog. With that said I have a ton of things to blog about so here is one of many that I have done since gone.

Have you ever found excuses after excuses of why not to workout. I don’t have equipment, I don’t have time, I am tired, and I don’t know what to do! Well here is a workout that will put all of those to an end.

This one room workout was a great cardio workout. It was simple, quick, and gave a good sweat. Remember you can always add variations to these exercise to make them harder or easier. Example burpees: harder burpees could be high knee (tuck) jumps when you come up- easier burpees could be not even doing a burpee but just squatting or even stepping back instead of jumping into plank.

Well here is to a great workout. You deserve some you time.


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