Mini Pizza

How many of you love pizza but don’t want to make a whole pizza for yourself. Well here is a quick and HEALTHY way to make a personal pizza.

Here is what you will need:
– whole wheat English muffin (I use an organic one with flax seeds for added benefits)
– tomato sauce (I made mine using organic tomatoes and organic Italian spices)
– cheese (I use grass fed mozzarella cheese)
– toppings if your choice ( I had turkey only) feel free to add as many veggies as you would like

Toast the English muffin and add the tomato sauce.


Place your toppings on it.


My son photo bombed it with his fingers. He was excited to have pizza for dinner.

Top with cheese.


Melt cheese. His can be done in the over at the broil setting. Watch to make sure you don’t burn it. You can also place in the microwave for 30 seconds to 1 minute.


Enjoy this personal pizza.




Snack time

As you know snacking is key to losing weight, but it is also just good for general health.

Snacking helps stabilize blood sugar levels, keeps your metabolism running, and gives you energy all day long.

Some quick ones are fruits and veggies. A lot of people think bars such as power bars, granola bars, or quick snack bars. If you are going to do these think organic. They don’t have all the proceeded ingredients in them.

Some of my favorites are: bars, only organic, veggies, fruit, cottage cheese with pepper, and leftover smoothie!

Let me know some of you favorites!


cottage cheese with pepper


my favorite bars


So do you have no idea what to make for breakfast or do you need more protein and hate eggs? Well I have the perfect solution for you. I call them bananacakes! They are simple to make and taste great. I love them, my son loves them, and even my husband loves them.

They are easy to make; you need two eggs and a banana. You mash the banana and whip the eggs together. You can add cinnamon which is what I do. Just make them how you would regular pancakes.

To add more to it purée fruit to place on top. Don’t mix it into the mix I tried it it doesn’t work.


This is mine with raspberry purée on top. I also added cinnamon into the mix! Yummy!


I am back!! I know that I have been away for a long time and I am excited to be back. I have been busy and now I have some time freed up to blog.

So what is new with me.

My Son- Can you believe that he is almost one?!? Yes it has gone by so fast. He is non-stop and runs circles around me, but I love every minute of it! He has taught me a lot as well as I have a ton of things to share with all of you.

My career- Well most of you know from my last post about becoming a health coach. Well I have finished all levels (the reason I have a bit more free time at night) and ready to share my knowledge. I now help families, pregnant women, and people over 50.

My life- Trying to balance working out and time with my family as well as time for ME (which as some may know is the hardest) I love right where I am at. I have such a great husband, family, and friends.


Well I have many things to share with all of you! New projects to new recipes I am excited to share with you all that have have done.

I hope you enjoy the upcoming posts!