How to Eat Healthy for Under $6 a Day

You probably have heard that it is so EXPENSIVE to eat healthy. Well here is an interesting article about how you can compare foods per calories and per serving.

One thing that you also need to take into consideration is the fact that when you eat healthy you tend to get sick less often and have few visits to the doctor. That will save a ton of money.

I know that they don’t list where they bought the item and I recommend looking for deals when it comes to shopping at Whole Foods!¬†Another key thing to find deals on healthy foods is to buy what is in season.

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How do you like your eggs?

There are many ways to prepare eggs more than I can think of. I prefer egg whites so when I cracked it and forgot I dropped the whole egg in there I wanted to figure a way to get it out. I didn’t want to get my fingers dirty and I never could get it the yolk out with a fork.

I remember seeing on pintrest about using a water bottle. So I had one and thought let’s see what happens. Well success! It worked better than I thought.

Here are some photos to show you how it went.






30 Day Challenge

I am starting a 30 day health and fitness challenge thru my company Simple Health Solutions. It is going to be 30 day challenge on Facebook and we report in daily on what we did for our workout and what our calorie intake was. I will be giving advice and we all will be motivating each other.

If you are interested in please message me and I can sign you up! It starts Nov. 25th which is next Monday!

Let’s do this!



I am back!! I know that I have been away for a long time and I am excited to be back. I have been busy and now I have some time freed up to blog.

So what is new with me.

My Son- Can you believe that he is almost one?!? Yes it has gone by so fast. He is non-stop and runs circles around me, but I love every minute of it! He has taught me a lot as well as I have a ton of things to share with all of you.

My career- Well most of you know from my last post about becoming a health coach. Well I have finished all levels (the reason I have a bit more free time at night) and ready to share my knowledge. I now help families, pregnant women, and people over 50.

My life- Trying to balance working out and time with my family as well as time for ME (which as some may know is the hardest) I love right where I am at. I have such a great husband, family, and friends.


Well I have many things to share with all of you! New projects to new recipes I am excited to share with you all that have have done.

I hope you enjoy the upcoming posts!


The main reason I decided to do a blog was because I see all these pins on pinterest and want to really know if they work. I have done some with success and others with failure. I think it would be great to share my experience with those who want to know the truth. I LOVE pinterest; there is so many things to try and do!

Also I have seen tons of blogs about mothers and their lives. Since I am a new mother I figure why can’t I do something like this. I can share my experience and it is also a good place the vent issues I may have with life!

I truly hope that I can keep this up. I would love you to post things that you would like me to try and just comment for fun.

I will post soon some of the things that I have done and a little bit about myself. 


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