Nutrition gone easy???

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30 Day Clean Eating Challenge

Ok so here is my first real blog back! I am hosting a group that is about clean eating! We will be having 30 days of recipes and others can share some favorites and rate some they have tried. This is FREE and to help keep everyone on their new years resolution track!

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Special Offer

Simple Health Solutions is going to offer their recipe revamp at 50% off! (Regular Price $20.00)

Due to the fact that Thanksgiving is around the corner and SHS wants you to have some healthier choices at your Thanksgiving feast we are doing this.

Here is what you do pick one of your favorite recipes and send it to me either in a Facebook private message, or email ( and in 24 hours have an revamped recipe that is healthier for you. We take your recipe and change some things to make it healthier for you.

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What is in season?

How many of you have bought fruits or vegetables and went to enjoy it and it didn’t taste good. Many times we see foods and think how great it would taste and it is not in season. When things are in season they taste amazing and we want that experience every time we have it.

Knowing what is in season is also great to save some money especially if you buy organic. You can do research on what is in season and there are tons and tons of charts about it and go greatly into detail. I just included a simple chart that has majority of the common fruits and vegetables that we all eat.


Enjoy shopping for in season items and finding recipes for them as well.


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So do you have no idea what to make for breakfast or do you need more protein and hate eggs? Well I have the perfect solution for you. I call them bananacakes! They are simple to make and taste great. I love them, my son loves them, and even my husband loves them.

They are easy to make; you need two eggs and a banana. You mash the banana and whip the eggs together. You can add cinnamon which is what I do. Just make them how you would regular pancakes.

To add more to it purée fruit to place on top. Don’t mix it into the mix I tried it it doesn’t work.


This is mine with raspberry purée on top. I also added cinnamon into the mix! Yummy!


Last night we had mexican food at my house. We have several healthier versions of what can be fattening mexican items.

Ceviche is one of my favorites and I really only love my mom recipe. Not sure if that is I know what she puts in it or if it I season it and don’t add a lot of salt ( I am not a fan of salt).

I have attached a link to get the recipe, but it does tell how much. Really you can just guess at what you want, but just use all the ingredients.

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Here is the link


Mushrooms XL

I hate going to whole foods some days! I seem to see things and want to try everything. So I saw some portobello mushrooms and thought about this pin.

Mine are different, but I attached a copy of the original one I saw.

I just mixed ground turkey with diced tomatoes and seasoning. Topped it with cheese and baked them like in the recipe.

pizza mushrooms





7 layer s’more

I saw this on Pinterest and had to make it for the Fourth of July.

The recipe isn’t detailed so I winged some things and just did what I wanted.

Some of the recipe says to put the cream and Nutella on each piece and place in the pan. I just put them in the pan and smeared it on top of them. I also used double stuff Oreos and add Carmel on top right before the mini marshmallows.

7 layer s’more




mine before mini marshmallows




mine detail

Creamy Fish

I had fish to make one night and couldn’t think of anything. So what did I do, I looked on Pinterest. I found tons. Finally saw this and thought perfect.

I changed a few things. I used almond flour, soy cream, white wine vinegar not real wine, added more veggies, used feta cheese, and didn’t add bread crumbs. Okay I changed a lot of things but still tasted great.

It was so good my husband asked for it a second night in a row! I will keep this one and would love to make it for more people to enjoy.

I wonder how it would taste with chicken??? I will try and let all of you know.

the recipe






mine with more veggies



Better than sex cake or is it sex in a pan?

So I have heard it called two different things but the idea is that the cake is amazing. Not sure what you have heard it called or even the recipe you have seen.

The recipe that I found on Pinterest is different than the one I made, but the look of the cake is similar. I will post a link to one and the other will be here.

I am part of a book club with my friends and we try to have foods that have to do with the book or foods that have been in the book. I had dessert so I thought of my cousin’s better than sex cake recipe since it fits our books perfectly. I called her and she told me how to do this.

Get a dark chocolate cake mix or triple chocolate cake mix (they have several kinds so get one that has more chocolate flavor).
A can of sweetened condensed milk
Caramel sauce
Whip cream
Heath candy bars

Bake the cake following the instructions on the box. Once it come out of the oven poke holes all over the cake. While it is hot pour on top the sweetened milk and make sure it is going into the holes. Next pour on the caramel make sure this goes into the holes. It may not look like a lot is going into the hole but it will. Cover and place in the fridge over night. When you are ready to serve put the whip cream on top. Crush up the Heath bars and sprinkle on top. I added more caramel because I love caramel but it is not necessary.
The first two photos are of my cake.


ready to go in the fridge



sex in a pan


their sex in a pan