30 Day Challenge

I am starting a 30 day health and fitness challenge thru my company Simple Health Solutions. It is going to be 30 day challenge on Facebook and we report in daily on what we did for our workout and what our calorie intake was. I will be giving advice and we all will be motivating each other.

If you are interested in please message me and I can sign you up! It starts Nov. 25th which is next Monday!

Let’s do this!



One room workout

Sorry that I haven’t posted more but I have been busy with everything and not much time to blog. With that said I have a ton of things to blog about so here is one of many that I have done since gone.

Have you ever found excuses after excuses of why not to workout. I don’t have equipment, I don’t have time, I am tired, and I don’t know what to do! Well here is a workout that will put all of those to an end.

This one room workout was a great cardio workout. It was simple, quick, and gave a good sweat. Remember you can always add variations to these exercise to make them harder or easier. Example burpees: harder burpees could be high knee (tuck) jumps when you come up- easier burpees could be not even doing a burpee but just squatting or even stepping back instead of jumping into plank.

Well here is to a great workout. You deserve some you time.