Time Management

How many of you guys have issues with time management?

I know that I did. I tried doing 20 things at a time because I thought I was good at multi-tasking. I didn’t get anything done when my son was done with his nap. I talked about tips I use to help me get things done.

Here is the video please enjoy, share and if you have any question please feel free to ask!


What Holds You Back

I just read an interesting article about how to eliminate things that hold us back from being successful.

When I read it it made me think of a saying- “If you do what you have always done, you get what you always got”! I know not the best grammar, but you get the point.

There are so many things that stop us from becoming successful. Success may be different for many of us. Some may say it is a healthy lifestyle or having time to spend with their family whenever they please or being able to buy what they want and not have to worry about what the price is. What ever success is to you most of the time it is YOU standing in your way.

I know it sounds silly right? Why would you not want yourself to be successful!

Well it isn’t that we don’t want ourselves to be successful it is just that we are comfortable doing things the way we always have. It is hard to change and more than that it is scary to change.

Here is the article to read more about it. http://m.entrepreneur.com/article/229504

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New adventure

So my new adventure is becoming a health coach. I want to help others and their families make simple changes to become healthier. I am certified to help other with nutrition and fitness and working to help pregnant women at all phases of pregnancy and helping people in their prime time of life.

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Burn 1,000

Sorry I haven’t posted more, but here is one I did yesterday.

Wish it was burn $1,000 not burn 1,000 calories!!!

Well not much to say other than this is a great workout. Loved that the jumping jacks were spread out in this workout to keep that heart rate up. You will feel the burn after this one, and hope that you do this in a nice A/C room.

I posted the direct link, but the picture has all the information needed to do the workout. I am trying a running one tomorrow and promise to post it ASAP.

Good lucky in this workout.

here is the direct link



So I wanted to get into the habit of going to the gym at my pre-baby time, 3:30AM, so I saw this and thought perfect.

I have tried going before but went a few times then things got crazy with baby teething so I had to workout durning his naps. I love my AM workouts and missed them so much.

I think that when you have visual reminders you are more likely to follow thru with what you have planned. You have to go thru the process of putting them up as well as taking them down when you have completed your day!

21 days





Teething tablets or not???

So I have seen this post like crazy and wanted to comment on the research that I have been doing on this.
First is about the mother and child. How much and how often was she giving the child the tablets? There are a ton of other factors to take into consideration. In my opinion vaccinations and diet of the child key to side effects.
Second is the ingredient that everyone is worried about. It is called belladonna and is found in the eastern hemisphere. It is a toxic plant. Different parts of the plant are more toxic than others. When making products that are homeopathic they can dilute the source down to certain levels depending on what they want from the product. Hylands states that they dilute the product down so much that a child would have to consume a dozen of bottles to have a reaction to it.
Last, is it is really how you want to treat your child. You can give them what you feel is right for them. I know I use these with caution since I like more natural things such as celery (organic of course)! Please do your research and not depend on what others tell you.


the post on Facebook everyone is talking about


what a bottle looks like (this is my bottle)


I haven gone thru a personal weight loss experience. I was 80+ lbs. heavier than my lowest weight I have been. I am working at getting back down due to my pregnancy I am about 15 lbs shy of it but I will get there. In both of my journeys of weight loss I have been lucky to have had a trainer. He is amazing and love how much he helps me.

Where do burpees come in since that is the title of this post right?

So these are one of my trainers favorite things to have me do. I have a love hate relationship with them. I think it may just be I hate that I love them.

There are so many different ways to do burpees. Some people say it involves a push up other say you can just hold a plank. Well here is a link to show 30 different types of burpees. burpee types

No matter what you consider a burpee as long as you are doing one it is great.

Here is a burpee workout on Pinterest that I saw and had to try. WOW it is a great quick workout. It should take about 5-10 minutes to complete it. It doesn’t look very hard but once you get going your heart rate gets up there. burpee quick workout

Remember that once you start something do give up. This applies to all aspects of life, but especially your fitness goals.


Enjoy this workout as much as I did and learn to love burpees.