Why health and fitness

I know many have seen the biggest loser show on NBC and you look at how these people go from a person who is obese to a healthy person. Well I loved watching the show and learning about the contestants and their journey. I also love Bob and Jillian; the trainers on the show. I was watching the episode of them running a marathon after they had lost weight in the late 2010 season. I thought to myself I could do that one day. Well being overweight myself I didn’t plan on starting the next day or even have a plan to start ever. It took awhile for me to realize that I wanted to run a marathon and how was I going to do it. I told myself if these people on the biggest loser can do it why can’t I.

I asked for a birthday present that was personal training. Well I got it! I started with my trainer twice a week. It took some time for me to set a routine but I did. I got to the gym at 4:00 am and worked out, also twice a week in the evenings I had training. It took a lot of work on my diet. I loved sweets and well just loved food. Majority of people think that moving is the most important part of weight loss. Well I would have to say it is all in the diet. You could diet only and lose weight but it is the combination of the two that makes weight loss the healthiest.

In the process of losing weight I learned a lot about myself. I can do more things than I thought I could do, I am stronger than I think I am, and I can overcome anything I put my mind to. I lost over 80 lbs. lost over 30 inches, and lost over 16% body fat.


I was featured as a success story. Hard to see since it is a picture of a picture with plastic covering it.

Not only did I lose a lot, but I gained so much more. During my weight loss I ran several 5k and 10k races; I also did a 1/2 marathon. After reaching and passing many of my goals for health and fitness I decided to run a marathon. I wanted this to be something more that just for me, so I ran for the Alzheimer’s association in Colorado in memory of my grandmother.


I continue on my healthy and fitness lifestyle on a daily bases. Durning my pregnancy I continued to eat healthy and workout. I had an easy delivery, and all natural (no drugs for anything). I believe this happened from my healthy lifestyle. I now am expanding my natural way into what I put on my self and my family. You wouldn’t believe some of the things that are in products that we use on a daily bases and don’t know can harm us. From lotions to toothpaste to laundry soap all have become all natural in my house. It takes time to research what products to use and money since most products are more expensive than just generic brands. It is a process but a good one for me and my family.

If you have any questions please ask. I hope this inspired you to change some things in your life or to continue on your healthy journey.

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January 2022

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