HIIT workout

I personally try to do HIIT workouts 2-3 times a week. I love the feeling you get when you do them. You go all out and push yourself to the max and feel great in the end. You soon see how much more you can do in your other workouts. Here is the explanation of interval training.

Enjoy your workout!

The Complete Guide to Interval Training

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Got weeds?

I showed this to my mom who used it on some weeds the other day. It killed them good; it also kills grass! I forgot to take a photo of the before and after. I will be using this for some more weeds.
weed killer


it really looks like this

Natural cleaning products

I love the thought of homemade cleaning products. I buy all natural ones but when I ran out of it I thought I could just make some really quick to finish the job.
Well I followed the directions to the all purpose cleaner and let us say we had some laughs. My husband was watching me do this and had a good laugh. So I mixed the baking soda and dish soap and was adding the vinegar. Now I am not a science freak but I remember when mixing baking soda and vinegar the reaction was not so great. I thought if it is on Pinterest and someone else did it I may be wrong. So let say it was an exploding bottle. I tried to add in the water thinking it would calm the reaction down but no. After it settled down I put the cap in the spray bottle and turned it over to give a little mix. Again a good laugh. The bottle was going to BLOW! I am squirting the bottle to get some pressure out while trying to loosen the top.

So lesson learned not a good idea to do that one. I used it after everything settled down. I liked that it cleaned well, but it left streaks. I will be trying other ones soon. I will post how I they turned out.
all natural cleaners

Better than sex cake or is it sex in a pan?

So I have heard it called two different things but the idea is that the cake is amazing. Not sure what you have heard it called or even the recipe you have seen.

The recipe that I found on Pinterest is different than the one I made, but the look of the cake is similar. I will post a link to one and the other will be here.

I am part of a book club with my friends and we try to have foods that have to do with the book or foods that have been in the book. I had dessert so I thought of my cousin’s better than sex cake recipe since it fits our books perfectly. I called her and she told me how to do this.

Get a dark chocolate cake mix or triple chocolate cake mix (they have several kinds so get one that has more chocolate flavor).
A can of sweetened condensed milk
Caramel sauce
Whip cream
Heath candy bars

Bake the cake following the instructions on the box. Once it come out of the oven poke holes all over the cake. While it is hot pour on top the sweetened milk and make sure it is going into the holes. Next pour on the caramel make sure this goes into the holes. It may not look like a lot is going into the hole but it will. Cover and place in the fridge over night. When you are ready to serve put the whip cream on top. Crush up the Heath bars and sprinkle on top. I added more caramel because I love caramel but it is not necessary.
The first two photos are of my cake.


ready to go in the fridge



sex in a pan


their sex in a pan

Teething tablets or not???

So I have seen this post like crazy and wanted to comment on the research that I have been doing on this.
First is about the mother and child. How much and how often was she giving the child the tablets? There are a ton of other factors to take into consideration. In my opinion vaccinations and diet of the child key to side effects.
Second is the ingredient that everyone is worried about. It is called belladonna and is found in the eastern hemisphere. It is a toxic plant. Different parts of the plant are more toxic than others. When making products that are homeopathic they can dilute the source down to certain levels depending on what they want from the product. Hylands states that they dilute the product down so much that a child would have to consume a dozen of bottles to have a reaction to it.
Last, is it is really how you want to treat your child. You can give them what you feel is right for them. I know I use these with caution since I like more natural things such as celery (organic of course)! Please do your research and not depend on what others tell you.


the post on Facebook everyone is talking about


what a bottle looks like (this is my bottle)

Birthday numbers

I wanted to do something special for my mom on her 60th birthday. I saw this on Pinterest and fell in love with the idea.

A photo collage in the shape of numbers.

They have theirs taped to a wall and have no gaps within the numbers. Since I had the party at a restaurant and didn’t have enough time to setup mine is a bit different. Also I didn’t know how many photos I may have needed to fill up the numbers. I cut out numbers from cardboard and put the pictures and decoration on the cardboard.



They didn’t have a link for directions, but it isn’t hard to be creative.



Rice crispy treat favors

I saw these on Pinterest and thought I can do these they look easy. I know how to make rice crispy treats and I can melt chocolate. Well the link didn’t have a recipe for this so here is what I did. I followed to recipe to make the treats on the box. Melted white chocolate chips and added food color to the white chocolate. Put the treats in a pan and once cooled cut them into squares. Added the chocolate with a spoon to create a drizzle. Once the chocolate hardened I stuck the stick into the treat.

Some things I learned AFTER I did these. You should make them thicker so that you have room to put the stick on the top. I had to put it in the side. When melting the chocolate if it dries out add shorting to make it creamy again.

I put mine in bags to keep fresh and so people could take them home. I used a cricket (a scrap booking tool) to make the tags that say thank you.

Over all easy but when you make 140 of them have the tags pre-made so you aren’t up till 11pm tying them on the bags. Well it was worth it since it was for my mom surprise 60th birthday party!





what mine looked like

Ice cream shapes

I saw this photo on Pinterest and thought this would be neat to do for a birthday party.


what I wanted mine to look like

There is only a photo no directions. Well I thought how hard could this be. You just melt some ice cream in a pan and then re-freeze it then take it out to cut the shapes and magic your shaped ice cream. WRONG!! I think I may have needed to put wax paper on the bottom of them to make it easier to take out. Also I may have needed to warm the cookie cutter in warm water to help cut into the ice cream. Well lesson learned. I will try this one again maybe for another party.



Tissue paper flowers


my flowers

I am decorating for a birthday party and wanted something a bit unique. I saw this on Pinterest and thought this could be fun.

Mine turned out great. I did different sizes as well as different fullness. To make fuller add more paper and to make bigger cut your paper bigger. I didn’t use wire or a pipe cleaner. I used a paper clip. Use two if you are making a fuller flower.

The link has a site to purchase tissue paper, but I just bought mine from target.

tissue paper flowers


I have been dying to try these out. So I made chicken tacos to try these out with. They were well liked and said I could make them again.

I used wheat flour and for the “fat” I used smart balance butter. So with those changes I had a bit different experience. I thought they were a bit dry when I put them on the pan as well as they didn’t bubble like the link says they should. If I make them again I may add more butter or water.

When you make them make sure you roll them as thin as you can. My first one was thicker and burnt before it cooked right. Some suggestions on the link may have help me with the dryness. Someone suggested putting the dough in a ziplock bag with a wet paper towel. Since I didn’t roll them right after I made the dough I think that may have helped keep some moisture in.

tortilla mix